is a platform for necessary
encounters within the
contemporary art system,
initiated by Vivian

It emerges as a platform for
open dialogue, critical analysis and creative proposals to promote positive shifts in a context that is facing multiple challenges. As times are changing and we face a scenario of new and complex struggles, our goal is to rethink the art market, contributing to shape it in more intelligent and sustainable forms, in tune with current social and economic phenomena.

Through immersive group
dynamics — composed of
talks, case studies, consultancy and problem-driven
—, we gather art agents with an international perspective to network, debate, strategize and imagine possibilities for fostering an ecosystem based on cooperation, transparency and shared information and protocols.

1st edition: gallerists

Dates: January 16th through 18th
Location: Vidago Palace Hotel at Parque de Vidago, Portugal.

thinkers Vanessa Carlos (Carlos/Ishikawa - London), Guillaume Sultana (Galerie Sultana - Paris), Emma Astner (Koppe Astner - Glasgow), Jocelyn Wolff (Galerie Jocelyn Wolff - Paris), Stefan Benchoam (Proyectos Ultravioleta - Guatemala City), Nikolaus Oberhuber (KOW - Berlin), Jaqueline Martins (Galeria Jaqueline Martins - São Paulo) and Nuno Centeno (Galeria Nuno Centeno - Porto)

Programme / Open to anyone
interested in co-creating
email info@timetorethink.art

consultant Elizabeth Dee. workshops António Ribeiro and Elizabeth Dee. content collaborators Germano Dushá and Livia Benedetti. scribe Bela Lachter. producer Danièle Scherer. coordination and conductor of activities Vivian Gandelsman. support Andrea Conde, Monica Hollander and Sabina Bochner Matz. visual identity Livia Naylor. special thanks Luiz Vieira